Newsletter first quarter 2018.

Dear people,

The publication of the first newsletter of 2018 took some time, caused by the opening of the Rehabilitation Centre April 14th 2018. As usual I will describe how things are run here per unit.


We let one of the caregivers ( as we call the teachers over here ) follow a course. She can put into practise what she has learned at the course, so the education of the children will improve. Unfortunately we had to say good-bye to another caregiver as per April 1st, 2018, so we have to work with one less but all goes well. A lot of children join the project and that feels good to us. Last Easter we enjoyed a festive breakfast and offered a chocolate egg which for them was quite a treat.

In Holland during Easter, thoughts were with us because at the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Visitatiekerk at Bleiswijk there was egg-hunting and the proceeds of that together with a collection ( a couple of hundred Euros ) were for us.

Hygiene will stay a point of attention. There is still a number of children coming to the project unwashed.  It appears that parents do not have money to buy soap and/or detergent.This is sad considering the realisation  a piece of soap to wash clothes costs 10 Euro cents.

We just had the Easter holidays and see quite a lot of children return  with skin rashes caused by bad selfcare.

 Rehabilitation Centre.

In the months of January, February and March 2018 a lot of work was going on at the Rehabilitation Centre. We got beautiful wallpaintings and are delighted with them. These painters are working for the Bongo Organization which  makes wallpaintings in the Malawi schools.

We let local workers make materials, such as : beds, matrasses, special chairs to sit and stand on so to exercise the body.

We think we can support children with a mental or physical disability well. We have been donated good strong solid toys by Jean Pollard and are very gratefull to her.

Meanwhile we have started the registration of the Rehabilitation Centre.

Social welfare has visited us and is very happy withe our new building.

They stated this is very necessary because at the moment there are only a few Rehabilitation Centres in Blantyre where children can receive help and support.

Because there is much demand we wanted to open in April 2018.

Finally April 14th was the big day: the official opening and in one word it was fantastic. Naturally the days before a lot of stress to finish everything and the weather was bad for days so we had to keep our fingers crossed how things would go on the opening day.

We had a lovely sunny day, a lot of people we invited came along, family, friends, chiefs. We heard beautiful speeches, singing and dancing and  had delicious snacks and drinks.

It made both Richard and me proud and happy that we had achieved all this despite all difficulties we have had.

We have contracted a rehabilitation technician. Her name is Alinafe Likagwa

and we have a rehabilitation technician Moses Koko starting as a volunteer and we have a lady for cleaning and preparing the porridge for the children and doing other supporting activities.

Immediately we received various children for treatment, so that was nice and slowly it will be known that we are open and we expect more and more applications.

What touched me was a father coming with a boy of 11 years and having to walk for one and a half hours to reach our project. But nice to see the father took the trouble to look for help for his child and did not leave him at home.

 Work is going on with a solar energy system on the roof of the Rehabilitation Centre . Both Daycare and Rehabilitation Centre will profit .


The past months we have run our monthly clinic and we see our reputation growing in several areas more and more. People coming from further away, local hospitals seem to be down on delivering medication.

People going to hospital and being sent home without any good care. This is difficult to see and hear. At least we are able monthly to help a group of people with their physical complaints.


In Malawi conditions differ. Electricity fails often. Many people are busy harvesting the maize with fluctuating results. We now have lots of rain which normally should have stopped. In itself rain is fine but for the maize harvest it is a negative factor. When too wet the maize can rot.

Student/ volunteer

From July up to and including August 2018  we will have a volunteer from Holland. She is first year HBO-V.  She will support us with both projects but mainly the Rehabilitation Centre.

When, after reading our newsletter, you still have questions or have nice ideas how we can raise money for keeping our projects running, we love to hear from you.

Our e-mail address is: You can also send me an app on op number: 0026 5992512605

Once again we warmly want to thank all of you for your support because without support from Holland we could never heve realised these two facilities and we are very glad for that.

With this we specially think of the Leo Ammerlaan Run which took place on February 3rd and resulted in 3250 Euros for us. Pictures are visible on our website and our Facebook page.

Greetings from Richard en Esther.

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